What kind of writing and art are you looking for?

Collision publishes experimental writing and art that challenges, subverts, and plays with form and structure. If your style is more traditional, we also want to see it! More than anything else, we look for attention to detail, place, and character. 

Will you accept more than five poems or art pieces?

If you have more than five pieces in specific genres or 3,000 words of prose, then please submit another email with your name, school name, and school email address, as well as the genre of your submission, in the body of the additional email. You can send as many emails as you like. However, please do not resubmit pieces that you have already submitted for the current issue.

Can I submit in more than one genre?

Yes, as long as each submission follows the guidelines within its respective genre.

Are contributors paid for their work?

While our budget doesn’t allow us to pay each contributor, we automatically review each submission for our contest. In years previous, we paid first, second, and third place for poetry and prose, and we paid the artist whose work we selected for our cover. Since we have recently relocated from the University Honors College to the English Department, we are still looking for secure means of funding for printing and prizes. We hope to resume paying prizewinners in the near future, so please keep checking this page for updates.

Do you accept previously published material?

No, we only publish previously unpublished work. Online publication on blogs, personal websites, and social media will not be accepted.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

Yes, we only ask that you notify us immediately to withdraw your piece if it finds a home elsewhere.

When will I hear back?

We’re an undergraduate publication, which means we’re subject to the whims of professors and the academic calendar. We do our best to respond within three months, and if we don’t respond to you in that time, please be patient with us! We try to ensure that every piece receives a good read.

Should I submit to Collision?

Yes! We will be accepting submissions from August 29, 2022 until February 24, 2023. If you submit outside of our reading period, your piece will not be considered. 

What’s with the mangoes?

Mangoes are an integral part to Collision. What started as a late-night moment of hilarity became an ongoing tradition for our staff. In no way do submissions need to involve mangoes. They are merely part of a former editor’s fruitful legacy.