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Contest Winners:

First Place:
“Gift for a Fifth Child,” Lawrence Lenhart | University of Pittsburgh

Second Place:
“Of Course You Begin With Your Name,” Nina Sabak | University of Pittsburgh

Third Place:
“Umenifunulia Mbingu (open the heavens),” Natalie Somerville | University of Pittsburgh

Additional Works:

“Letter to my jaundiced baby brother,” Caroline Kessler

“Cornbread Knuckles/Sheen Spray and Coconut Oil,” Savonna Johnson

“irrational fears,” Kelly Dougher

“Remembering What The Body Is,” Madeleine Barnes

“Sorry, J.D. Salinger,” Michael Kamison

“Horror,” Sara Keats

“unfounded structural concerns (tsr),” Connor Pickett

“The Overturned Automobile,” Paul Cunningham

“into collapse of known lovely,” Evan Chen

“Detritus,” Jessica Poli

“A Deconstruction of Towers,” Julian Day Cooney

With Visual Art and Photos by Melissa Dias-Mandoly, Kelsie Hartpence, Amy Hayes, Quinn Keaney, Abigail Moore, Anna Rasshivskina, and Andy Scott

Cover Art by Corrie Anderson

Also featuring poetry written by staff members Alicia Salvadeo, Michael Simon, and Peter Webb