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Contest Winners:

First Place:
“The Lost Language of Longing, or Two Women Walk Into a Bar,” Hannah Aizenman | University of Pittsburgh

Second Place:
“Shark Season in Kanawha County,” Nina Sabak | University of Pittsburgh

Third Place:
“After the Storm,” A.C. Lambert | East Tennessee State University

Honorable Mention:
“All Glimmering Mutts,” Christopher Stokum | University of Pittsburgh

Additional Works:

“Isolated Him,” Caily Grube

“Calavera,” Melinda Dubbs

“throat,” Melinda Dubbs

“Petra,” Caitlyn Christensen

“The Column,” Julian Day Cooney

“Another Brown Poem,” Melissa Dias-Mandoly

“he came to fix the steamer at the tea house/the first time we met,” Savonna Johnson

“Prove,” Eugene Palovcak

“Etude For J B,” Liz McLaughlin

“Faith,” Abbigail Baldys

With Visual Art and Photos by Ali Carter, Ken Egler, Mackenzie Ondek, Cameron Taylor , Thom Delair, Chelsey Moore, Cityscape, Mike Rosenthal, Fountain Boy, Jonno Rattman, Mackenzie Ondek, Jamie Novak

Cover Art by Thom Delair

Also featuring poetry written by staff members Alicia Salvadeo and Peter Webb